Markos got his first taste of skiing at the age of four in Metsovo Greece and was instantly hooked. Since then he has travelled the world skiing in France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States, in search of the biggest thrill. When he isn’t shredding it up during the winter, he captains sailing trips for fun around the New England area, Greece and Ireland. His interest in co-founding Zora grew out of his desire to connect with other skiing and sailing enthusiasts in the North East.


Vasilis’s love for skiing began at the age of eleven when he first skied Kaimaktsalan mountain in Greece. This love factored into his decision to attend the University of Vermont, known for its proximity to renowned East Coast ski mountains, and strong winter culture. Vasilis has since taken advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the winter wonderland, organizing ski trips with friends to Whistler, Colorado, New England and is now looking forward to doing so with Zora friends each year.


PJ took his first ski trip to Salt Lake City, Utah when he was twelve – right before the 2002 Winter Olympics. Since then, he has taken a trip out west at least once a year, skiing and snowboarding Mountains in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New York, North Carolina and Utah. Born in Atlanta, GA – when PJ moved to New York in 2014 he knew he would want to take advantage of the proximity of New York’s beautiful Mountains. PJ is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience, as well as having a good time.


Tore’s insatiable lust for skiing started on Mount Etna in Sicily (3rd largest Volcano in the world) and continued ever since. Since those first few turns, he’s skied all over the world including throughout the Alps and the United States. Tore’s passion for winter sports and getting other peopled involved, has enabled him to become our marketing guru. When he’s not shredding the slopes, Tore is an avid cook (managed a restaurant back in Ireland) and a world traveler.